Faulkner Fridays to resume in mid-June and other assorted updates

May 23rd, 2012 § 0 comments

Been extremely occupied the past month with several things, including the filing of job applications and, starting yesterday, job interviews.  Haven’t had the energy nor the time to devote to reading, much less reviewing, Faulkner’s fiction as I had planned.  It looks like it could be another week or up to another month before things ease up enough for me to resume the weekly series.  I do want to finish it, after getting roughly 1/3 through his fiction, and I do want to schedule it on Fridays, for alliterative reasons, so the best option would be to give myself roughly 3-4 weeks to get things in order in order to recommit myself to a project that is much, much more than just writing short commentaries on his fictions.

Also should note that the planned Mario Vargas Llosa series will be delayed, likely until late 2012 or early 2013, as it would be better for me to just stick with one long review series at a time.  Sorry for anyone reading this who was hoping for those reviews to be posted by now.

Some may have noticed that I touched up some old reviews of books that fit in with the others posted here and reposted them here.  One of those, Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God, will be the first of an irregular series (no scheduled days or intervals) of reviews of McCarthy’s fiction.  Hopefully, it’ll be of interest to some here.

So no, Paul and I haven’t closed shop; we were just on an extended little vacation.  More reviews sooner than later.  Some might actually be worth responding to, we hope.

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